ordering and condition of Sales


Ordering Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in Trillium Gardens Nursery. Ordering is simple and efficient.

1. When to order: We accept orders one week prior to pick up date only. We do not accept orders to reserve plants.

2. Quantities: One gallon plants may be ordered in any amount. 

Quarts are priced individually but sold only in half or whole flat quantities. 

- A typical flat is 15 or 18 pots depending on the size of the pot.

3. Pick up and delivery:  Transportation of orders must be arranged by the client. Orders are available for pick up from our nursery by appointment only. No shipping available.

4. Payment is expected upon receipt of order. No payment to reserve orders is accepted.


Conditions of Sale

1.Purchaser: Plants are sold only to licensed plant dealers, landscapers or other

parties eligible to purchase wholesale stock. Some stock may require a minimum purchase.

2. Payment:. Cash, check or credit card payment may be arranged. Buyers must hold a current Tax Exemption Certificate.

3. Liability: Many containerized plants are grown from seed and may have some natural hybridization that does not appear in juvenile plants. Seed grown plants are sold true to the name, to the best of our ability and warranted only to the extent of the purchase price. Plants are packed, counted properly and in good condition when sold. No other warranty, expressed or implied is given.

Orders may be subject to circumstances and conditions beyond the control of Trillium Garden

Nursery (TGN). TGN will not be liable for delay or failures by conditions beyond our control. TGN will make every effort to correct any error caused by our personnel, but only to the extent of the purchase price of the plants. Any claims must be made within 5 days of the receipt of plants.