What is Trillium Gardens Nursery, LLC?

Since 1997, we have been providing rare and endangered native plants from the North Florida and Deep South regions of Alabama and Georgia. We are located in Tallahassee, Florida. For more information contact Vanessa Crisler.

Who are our clients?

We are wholesale growers providing quart through three-gallon size containers to retail nursery and garden center clients, landscapers and governmental agencies, among others. Although we are not open to the general public for retail sales, our plants can be purchased from many of the retail and mail order nurseries we serve.

What do we grow?

See our plant list for a sample of the types of native plants we grow. Please contact the nursery for a current selection, availability and pricing of native plants. One of our specialties is our seed grown native azaleas and mountain laurel. Our azaleas are available as liners and containerized plants.

Retail and mail order nurseries we serve

Native Nurseries
Tallahassee Nurseries
Just Fruits and Exotics
Lazy K Nursery
Garden Delights
Nearly Native Nursery
Mail Order Natives
Plants Delights
7 Pines Native Plant Nursery
Vincent Gardens
Native and Uncommon Plants


All our liners are grown from seed. A benefit of seed grown liners is the continued genetic diversity seed grown plants provide to the landscape. Seed grown azaleas are highly prized among plant collectors due to the natural variation within the species. The ecotype for our native azaleas is North Florida, Georgia and Alabama region, depending on species. We also have grown from customer provided seed.

We are currently producing:

Kalmia latifolia
Rhododendron alabamense
Rhododendron arborescans
Rhododendron austrinum
Rhododendron canescans
Rhododendron chapmanii
Rhododendron colemaneii
Rhododendron flammeum
Rhododendron minus
Rhododendron prunifolium
Rhododendron serrulatum
Rhododendron viscosum

Mountain Laurel
Alabama Azalea
Sweet Azalea
Florida Flame Azalea
Piedmont Azalea
Chapman's Rhododendron
Red Hills Azalea
Oconee Azalea
Piedmont Rhododendron
Plumleaf Azalea
Hammock-Sweet Azalea
Swamp Azalea

Disclaimer: Because our liners are grown from seed, some natural hybridization can occur that is not detectable in juvenile plants. Seed-grown liners are sold true to name to the best of our ability, and being sold true to name is warranted only to the extent of the purchase price.

Ordering liners: Due to high demand for our seed grown liners, we ask for a pre-order by mid December to assure availability. The number of liners we produce is tied to seed production from the prior season. The liners are usually available for a narrow window in April - May. Weather conditions can affect when our liners are ready for pick up. The mature liners are usually sold in 2" containers and seedlings are approximately 4"-6" tall and are ready to go into a 1-gallon container.

For further information about our native azalea and mountain laurel liners please contact Dan Miller.

Contact Information

Vanessa Crisler, Owner
850 553-4250
Dan Miller, Propagator Emeritus
850 212-9533